Episode 1: Epilogue


Three Days Later

Megan still hadn’t regained consciousness, but she was getting stronger. The Shonas were hopeful that it wouldn’t be long before she woke up.

As Nick made his way to their lab, he found himself slowing down as he came to the Isolation Room where she was still being monitored by several machines that beeped and blinked around her. There was usually someone in the room with her, to keep her company. Chris, Imogen and Jacob had taken it upon themselves to keep vigil over her. Nick wondered which of them would be on duty now.

He stopped as he came to the door. It was none of them.

Next to Megan’s bed stood Alastair. It was the first time Nick had seen him since he had materialised in the library three days ago, after fending off the shadow.

Nick hesitated, unsure whether he should say or do something so Alastair knew he was there. He was about to clear his throat, when Alastair took a small rectangular device from his pocket and held it over Megan’s head. A pale blue light on the device illuminated Alastair’s profile and Nick could not fathom his expression. There seemed to be concern there for Megan, but there was also that ever-present glint in his eyes. The one that made Nick uneasy that he was hiding something.

Whatever the device was, it seemed to be scanning her. It let out a chime and Alastair switched it off before stowing it away in his pocket again. A thin smile crept on to his lips.

“Much better,” he said. His attention turned to the machines surrounding the gurney.

As he scrutinised one of the screens, Nick used the distraction to slip past the door and hurry on towards the Shonas’ lab.

He had no way to understand what he had just seen. He didn’t know what Alastair thought was better now. He certainly didn’t think the old man would tell him if he asked.

Before he reached the lab, the Shonas came racing along the corridor towards him.

“Hey,” he said as they approached. “I was just coming to find you.”

“Never mind that now,” Shona2 said as she passed him. “Come on.”

“What’s happened?” he asked, turning to follow them.

“It’s Megan,” Shona1 said. “She’s waking up.”

 Copyright © Rachael Farrimond 2016