About Me

I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1986 (I put it that way so I don’t have to update my age every year – you’re a smart person, I’m sure you can work it out).


When I was in year six at school (aged 10), we would do a short story exercise each week. This is what first got me into writing, but I didn’t really think about it much as a possible career until I was about 13. That is when Harry Potter came into my life.

I remember not being particularly interested in the first book when it originally came out (sorry, J.K. Rowling). It wasn’t until I saw the first film that I really became a Potterhead. Then I promptly read all (at the time) four books back-to-back – my first ever binge read – and then sat rather impatiently waiting for the next book. To pass the time waiting for Order of the Phoenix to come out, I found myself speculating how the series would end and eventually began writing my own version of what book 7 could have been. Yes, I still have a copy of this story. No, I will not be sharing it.

From then on, I have absolutely had the writing bug. In 2004, I moved from Newcastle to Carmarthen, South West Wales, to study Creative Writing with English Literature at Trinity College. I came out at the other end with a 2:1 and a desire to get published.

About This Site

Having moved back to the North East in 2013, and after several years of staring at a blank screen, playing endless games of Solitaire and holding down a nine-to-five job, I have finally decided to venture into the Writing World to see what’s out there.


The Beautiful Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside

That’s where this site comes in. As I start to make inroads, I’ll be posting updates of what I’m up to, where you can read my work, as well as adding bits and pieces of my writing to this site as well. The Blog will mark my progress as well as provide an outlet for other interests.

I hope that a lot of the contents of this site will make you laugh, make you think and maybe even give you an insight into my work.