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A little while ago, I wrote about choosing a Narrative Voice for your story. One of the aspects I looked at was person, with 1st and 3rd person being the most commonly used in fiction.

In my first year at University, one of my tutors set out the possibility of writing a story using 2nd person perspective. It was something that sounded like an interesting exercise and as a result, I put together the short story that is now called “Kevin.”

Second person is a tricky voice to use as it implies you are talking directly to another person (much as I am now). I’m not sure it could be sustained for an entire novel, but playing with it for this short story was a lot of fun, as essentially the character I created talks to himself throughout as a continuous “pep talk.”

The 29th Annual General Meeting of the Procrastinators Anonymous Society


As I have spent the majority of January procrastinating, it seemed appropriate that the first short story I share with you be the product of just that: procrastination. I wrote this a couple of years ago on an evening when I was doing my level best to avoid writing my novel.

I am sure this is a subject that is close to the hearts of many writers. In fact, I know it is, as not a week goes by when I don’t see (and sympathise with) a post on Twitter from a fellow writer bemoaning his/her own procrastinatory* tendencies.

*Yes, this is an actual word.

It is re-assuring to know that I am not alone in this respect. This story serves as a possible answer to the question of “What if procrastinators were organised enough to form a group?”

I had quite a lot of fun imagining this particular answer, and hope it brings a smile to the faces of all you like-minded procrastinators and writers.

Goldilocks and the Three Bairns: As Told by Merida DunBroch


In Christmas 2018 I asked my family to pick a fairy tale/Disney film for me to use as stimulus for a short story. This short story was written for my sister, after she nominated Brave as her story of choice.

Goldilocks and the Three Bairns is a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (unsurprisingly). With Brave as my jumping off point, I actually looked further back into Merida’s childhood. And I couldn’t resist playing with her three mischievous brothers, who so beautifully wreaked havoc throughout the film. Given the connection Brave already has with bears, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. As you will see, the story doesn’t unfold quite as we remember it. Of course, Merida is here to set the record straight.

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