Review: College of Media and Publishing

In January, I set myself a number of goals for the year, one of which was to go on a couple of proofreading and editing courses to hone my skills and put me in a position to offer these services in a professional capacity. I am pleased to report that the first of these courses… Continue reading Review: College of Media and Publishing


Review: The Savior’s Champion

Take the heroism and setting of classics such as Gladiator, Ben Hur, or Spartacus. Mix in the savagery, violence, and strong language of Game of Thrones (taken to the next level in terms of language). Top it off with a hint of magic and a healthy dose of romance. And hey-presto! You have The Savior’s… Continue reading Review: The Savior’s Champion


My Blind Date with a Book

We have been told for years: Never judge a book by its cover. Well, now there is a website that ensures you never will. is a fairly new service that shows you a library of books available for purchase, but it doesn’t show you the book’s cover, the author’s name, or even the title… Continue reading My Blind Date with a Book