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Recently, I have been thinking a lot more about my own writing process and techniques. This has led me to create a new section for this site, Turning Ideas Into Words, which features posts and articles on aspects of writing fiction.

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Take a Sneak Peak at  The Eternity Mirrors Episode 2: Jacob’s Dream 

Prologue, narrated by Emily Wilden

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Welcome to my site!

Please feel free to share anything on this site and link to it all you want, but please do not copy and paste the contents elsewhere. That would make me cry and I don’t think you want that on your conscience.

What’s on the menu?

Here’s a quick break down of what you will find on this site:

  • Blog  – This is where I will be sharing my thoughts on life and general interests.
  • Turning Ideas Into Words – A look at techniques and tips for writing fiction.
  • Guest Posts – If you would like to submit a Guest Post, check out the guidelines here.
  • The Eternity Mirrors – A Short Story Series available exclusively on this site!
  • Podcast – Access to “Saturday Night Stories” Podcast, featuring The Eternity Mirrors.

At any point, please feel free to contact me, either using the Contact page or by commenting on my blog, with any feedback or suggestions.

Enjoy. Happy reading.