Turning Ideas Into Words

Back in December 2017, my friend Sarah and I traded blog posts. She wrote a piece for me on “Banning Books” and why that usually backfires spectacularly; and I wrote an article called “Creative Discipline”. It is the article I have recently posted to this site as well. It covers a subject that is quite close to home for me and in writing it, I have been thinking a lot recently about the technical and mechanical aspects of writing – the things you have to rely on when Inspiration seems to be always hiding around the next corner.

What I’ll be doing over the next few months is sharing with you some ideas and tips about what I find helpful. Maybe they’ll be helpful to you too, maybe not; but I do hope they get you thinking about your own process.

Pick a Topic

Now, I am by no means a master of all these, so please do feel free to add your own thoughts to the discussion. I am always open to learning new techniques. 


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