The Eternity Mirrors Series

About The Eternity Mirrors Series

Step out of your world and into them all.

Nick’s world is turned upside down when he discovers the Eternity Mirrors – portals that take him from his ordinary existence into an infinite number of parallels worlds.

But once he leaves his own world, he cannot go back permanently.

Book 1: The Forgotten Fairground

“Every choice you’ve ever made has brought you here …”

Nick’s quiet life is shattered when he follows Megan through a mysterious mirror and discovers a vast network of parallel worlds, all connected by the Eternity Mirrors.

Unable to return permanently to his own world, and pursued by terrifying shadow creatures, Nick joins a group of Outsiders at their refuge in the Rift Between the Worlds. But life in the Rift is far from simple.

With danger waiting in every world, and secrets lurking in the Rift, do the Outsiders have what it takes to survive?

And can Nick come to terms with his new life?

Book 2: Jacob’s Dream

“Don’t take anything for granted … Question Everything.”

As Nick adjusts to life in the Rift, Jacob is haunted by dreams of his past and the growing sense that all is not as it should be at the Hub.

His suspicions grow as Megan begins to show unsettling symptoms, forcing him to relive memories of a day he would rather forget.

The day that changed everything.


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