Guest Posts

I am accepting submissions for Guest Posts!

If anyone is interested in writing a Guest Post for this site, please feel free to contact me to set things in motion.

Guest Post Guidelines:

The Legal Part – By submitting an article for publication on this site, you confirm that it is your own original work and not plagiarised for another source. Rachael Farrimond and WordPress will be indemnified against any legal action or costs that could arise in relation to your work.

Word Count – I don’t have a minimum length to go by, but please keep posts to 2,000 words or under.

Accompanying Images – If you would like to include images, you will be responsible for providing these with the text for your post.

Banner Image – I am happy to design a Banner Image for the post, if you wish. Please indicate if this is the case when you contact me.

About You – Please also provide a brief author biography that can be published alongside your post.

Content – I  will have the final say in relation to approving content. I am happy to consider posts that cover the following topics:

  • Books -v- Films – Comparing films to the books they were based on, highlighting the changes that have been made and what they add/detract from the main story.
  • Geekery – General appreciation for aspects of Science Fiction an Fantasy, whether in Film/Television, Literature or visual media.
  • Women of Sci-Fi – Posts about strong female role models within in Science Fiction (including authors, actresses, directors and producers known for their work in Sci-Fi).
  • General Interests – Anything relating to writing, films and literature. This includes any stories or anecdotes about your own writing process and experiences.

For My Part:

I will sort out the formatting of posts and will be sure to include links to your our blog/website. If you have work on sale on sites such as Amazon, links to this will also be included.

Any work provided for this site will be published on a mutually agreed date and accompanied by Social Media promotions. I am also happy for you to use your post on your own site one month after the initial posting on this site (this can be negotiated if you wish to post sooner).

Unfortunately, at this time, I am not able to offer payment for your work.

I look forward to hearing from you!