Lockdown Antics

Keep Going, Keep Writing: Week Three – Three Questions

69 KGKW 3

For however long the lockdown continues, I am throwing out weekly writing exercises/prompts for anyone and everyone to respond to.

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll post a prompt on Fridays and you just let your imagination take over from there.
  • When you have a story you’re happy with, post it to your own website with a link back to whichever post on here prompted the story.
  • OR – If you don’t have a website, feel free to send the story to me via my Contact page and I’ll happily host it on here with full writing credit and copyright to you.

So Let’s Get Started!

Week Three: Three Questions

This kind of writing prompt is new to me, but it seemed like it could open up some really interesting stories. The idea is simple: write a short story that serves as an answer to three questions.

Below you will find three different sets of three questions. Feel free to pick one set and weave a story around answering them. I have not yet tried my hand at answering these myself, but if/when I do I will be sure to post the story here.

I look forward to reading your story response to any of these. Let me know how you get on; and remember, you can make these as wild and bizarre as you like!


Option 1:

  • Who is Alice Hastings?
  • Why is she climbing out of her neighbour’s living room window?
  • What is in the orange box she is carrying?

Option 2:

  • What is Ben’s superpower?
  • How does he use it while working for Tesco?
  • Why is his nemesis a delivery driver?

Option 3:

  • How old is Claire?
  • What gift did she receive for her last birthday?
  • How will it bring about the apocalypse?


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