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Keep Going, Keep Writing: Week Five – Dialogue

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For however long the lockdown continues (in the UK at least), I am throwing out weekly writing exercises/prompts for anyone and everyone to respond to.

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll post a prompt on Fridays and you just let your imagination take over from there.
  • When you have a story you’re happy with, post it to your own website with a link back to whichever post on here prompted the story.
  • OR – If you don’t have a website, feel free to send the story to me via my Contact page and I’ll happily host it on here with full writing credit and copyright to you.

So Let’s Get Started!

Week Five – Dialogue

Dialogue is a very important aspect of fiction. It is where we get to know our characters more personally. As writers, it is vital that our characters have distinctive voices. If someone walks into a room and immediately launches into an impassioned rant, your reader should know which character it is without you having to type their name on the page.

Another thing to keep in mind when writing dialogue is what isn’t being said. Subtext is the key to great dialogue. Often the most interesting thing that someone can reveal is something that has gone by entirely unsaid.

If you are looking for tips on writing dialogue, check out the two posts linked below on the subject.

39 Dialogue

57 Dialogue 2.0

This week you will find a couple of prompts below – one picture prompt, and one questions prompt. The story I would like you to weave around either of these prompts should be dialogue heavy. Strike up a conversation between two characters, with the emphasis on distinguishing their voices and drawing out the subtext of what they maybe don’t want to tell each other.


Option 1:

Option 2:

  • How long was Dean in a coma?
  • What can he remember?
  • Why was it all your fault?


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