The Eternity Mirrors Series

Pre-Sale Giveaway – Update!

With 2 weeks to go before the first prize draw in my Pre-Sale Giveaway, there is still time to enter if you haven’t already. Even if you have already pre-ordered your copy, you can still enter the Giveaway!

Here is what you could win if you enter:

The Prologue!

First of all, everyone who enters the Giveaway will receive a PDF copy of the Prologue to The Forgotten Fairground, giving you an exclusive first look at what’s to come.

Then, there will be three prize draws:

  • Round 1: 22/03/2022 – two weeks from now!
  • Round 2: 05/04/2022 – which just happens to be my birthday!
  • Round 3: 19/04/2022 – yes, the release date itself!

And here’s what you could win in each prize draw:

The Prize Boxes!

Each Prize Box contains:

  • A handmade book mark
  • A Coaster
  • Scottish Border Biscuits
  • Twinings Tea

All perfect ingredients for a good evening in with a book of your choice.


  • A hand written note from yours truly
  • An eco-friendly pen
  • An eco-friendly notebook

All packaged up and ready to fit through your letter box.

For full details on how to enter the Pre-Sale Giveaway, click the link below.

The Forgotten Fairground: Book 1 of the Eternity Mirrors Series is available for Pre-Order NOW on Amazon in ALL TERRITORIES!

The Forgotten Fairground: Book 1 of The Eternity Mirrors Series

“Every choice you’ve ever made has brought you here …”

Nick’s quiet life is shattered when he follows Megan through a mysterious mirror and discovers a vast network of parallel worlds, all connected by the Eternity Mirrors.

Unable to return permanently to his own world, and pursued by terrifying shadow creatures, Nick joins a group of Outsiders – others who have left their worlds – at their refuge in the Rift Between the Worlds. But life in the Rift is far from simple. Devoid of all natural resources, Nick and the Outsiders must venture into the worlds to scavenge what they need while evading the ominous shadows.

With danger waiting in every world, and secrets lurking in the Rift, do the Outsiders have what it takes to survive?

And can Nick come to terms with his new life?


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