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The Appeal of Parallel Worlds

This seems like a relevant topic to pick on, given that it is the main subject of my upcoming debut Sci-Fi Novella, The Forgotten Fairground. It also seems relevant given the recent expansion of the MCU into a multiverse.

The Eternity Mirrors Series

Pre-Sale Giveaway – Update!

With 2 weeks to go before the first prize draw in my Pre-Sale Giveaway, there is still time to enter if you haven’t already. Even if you have already pre-ordered your copy, you can still enter the Giveaway!

The Eternity Mirrors Series

Coming Soon: The Forgotten Fairground!

Things are gradually getting under way for my debut Sci-Fi Novella to be published on 19th April 2022!

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Why I chose to self-publish

The publishing industry has changed a lot over the last 15 years. When I did my degree (2004-07), self-publishing really wasn’t an option. Editors, cover designers, and marketing experts were all focused primarily on working with publishing companies, rather than directly with authors.