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Why I chose to self-publish

The publishing industry has changed a lot over the last 15 years. When I did my degree (2004-07), self-publishing really wasn’t an option. Editors, cover designers, and marketing experts were all focused primarily on working with publishing companies, rather than directly with authors.

Turning Ideas Into Words

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Started My First Novel

In October 2019, I finally reach the last page of the first draft of my first novel. I learned a lot while I worked on it, and am learning even more now as I continue through the editing process.


Welcome Back To!

Hi everyone! I’m back.
Whether you’ve missed me or not, it is good to be getting back into the Blogosphere...

Turning Ideas Into Words

Pre-Book Timeline

As you may have been able to work out by now, I am a Planner when it comes to novel writing. That’s not to say I always stick to said plans, but I certainly find it easier to work when I have a clear idea of what I’m doing. This means having a plan in… Continue reading Pre-Book Timeline

Turning Ideas Into Words

Prologue or Con[logue]

I’ve become aware recently that there is an ongoing debate in the writing community as to the merits (or lack thereof) of using a prologue. Many writers seem to be of the opinion that if a scene warrants being included at the start of a book, then there is no reason for that scene to… Continue reading Prologue or Con[logue]

Personal Challenge

Challenge Accepted!

This week, I have started what I hope will be a nine-month journey from where I am now to completing my first novel. I have had this book knocking around in my head for many a year now and it is high time I finish getting it down on paper. Over the past few months,… Continue reading Challenge Accepted!

Turning Ideas Into Words

Outlining A Novel

I say half a lesson because the analogy is not a perfect one (as you will see), but it is an image I quite frequently relate to when it comes to my writing. Quirrell came back out from behind the Mirror and stared hungrily into it. “I see the stone… I’m presenting it to my… Continue reading Outlining A Novel

Turning Ideas Into Words

Update: Turning Ideas Into Words

So... This is the sum total of my creativity this week: As such, I have no new content to share this week. What I do have is an update on some re-arranging I have done around here. For the past few months, I have been concentrating on posts dedicated to sharing thoughts and what I… Continue reading Update: Turning Ideas Into Words

Turning Ideas Into Words

World Building: Human

Last week, I started looking at world building in fiction. This may seem like an arduous task, but if you are a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer it is, to some extent, unavoidable. In last week’s post, I looked at the physical world, what will essentially be the foundation of your fictional creation, the places your characters will… Continue reading World Building: Human

Turning Ideas Into Words

Gateway Deaths

Let’s talk about death for a moment. Or more specifically fictional character deaths. I do not consider myself to be a blood thirsty writer. I do not decide the fate of my characters by the roll of dice, or the toss of a coin (very few writer’s do, despite what you may think of us).… Continue reading Gateway Deaths