Personal Challenge

Challenge Update: 1st Oct to 16th Nov

So, at the start of October, I set myself the challenge of writing 4,200 words a week with the goal of finishing the first draft of my novel by June next year. For more details on the challenge itself, here’s the link to the post that started this madness! I am now seven weeks into… Continue reading Challenge Update: 1st Oct to 16th Nov

Turning Ideas Into Words

Update: Turning Ideas Into Words

So... This is the sum total of my creativity this week: As such, I have no new content to share this week. What I do have is an update on some re-arranging I have done around here. For the past few months, I have been concentrating on posts dedicated to sharing thoughts and what I… Continue reading Update: Turning Ideas Into Words


Introducing: Turning Ideas Into Words

Hi there! Seems like I while since I have been updating on here. I am aware that posts have been sparse recently. This is mainly due to my own time management, but also due to me working away on my first novel. It is still in its first draft stage, but the more I write… Continue reading Introducing: Turning Ideas Into Words