2020: A Year of Vision

Just after New Year’s Day had dawned, my dad made the comment that 2020 was going to be the Year of Vision. He was making a joke on the fact that perfect vision is 20/20, but there was some poignancy in there as well (possibly inadvertent, it was hard to tell). As I make my… Continue reading 2020: A Year of Vision


Introducing: Turning Ideas Into Words

Hi there! Seems like I while since I have been updating on here. I am aware that posts have been sparse recently. This is mainly due to my own time management, but also due to me working away on my first novel. It is still in its first draft stage, but the more I write… Continue reading Introducing: Turning Ideas Into Words


(B)Rain Stops Play

(B)Rain Stops Play - So, I feel like time is on fast-forward at the moment...