2020: A Year of Vision

Just after New Year’s Day had dawned, my dad made the comment that 2020 was going to be the Year of Vision. He was making a joke on the fact that perfect vision is 20/20, but there was some poignancy in there as well (possibly inadvertent, it was hard to tell). As I make my… Continue reading 2020: A Year of Vision

Turning Ideas Into Words

What took you so long?

If you follow me on Twitter, or follow this blog, you may have seen over the last couple of weeks that I FINALLY finished the first draft of my first novel. I say “FINALLY” because in total it took me about 12 years to complete. Rather than just share my excitement at its completion, I… Continue reading What took you so long?


Welcome Back To!

Hi everyone! I’m back. Whether you’ve missed me or not, it is good to be getting back into the Blogosphere...

Personal Challenge

Challenge Update: One Month To Go…

Previously on… I set myself a challenge in October to complete my novel (the first draft of it at least) by June this year. For the first couple of months, things looked really positive. I was productive and on target for where I wanted the book to be by the end of November. Then… Continue reading Challenge Update: One Month To Go…