Turning Ideas Into Words

Finding Jaecks

Here’s a true story for you to think about. It concerns a man called Elias Jaecks and the moment that I realised I didn’t know him at all. This revelation struck me after I had worked through the first 70,000 words of my novel and had come to write the first line of Jaecks’ dialogue.… Continue reading Finding Jaecks

Turning Ideas Into Words

Narrative Voices – Part 2

Last week, I started looking at the different kinds of Narrative Voices you can choose from as a writer. As the choices and combinations are quite varied, I decided it would be best to split the discussion into two parts. If you would like to catch up on what was said about Person and Tense,… Continue reading Narrative Voices – Part 2

Turning Ideas Into Words

Narrative Voices – Part 1

Choosing a Narrative Voice for your story can be harder than you might think. Sure, you may naturally gravitate towards writing in the third person, but if a story sounds better coming directly from the mouth of its main character, then that’s how it needs to be written. Sometimes, the choice is obvious, but there… Continue reading Narrative Voices – Part 1

Turning Ideas Into Words

Overwriters -v- Underwriters

First of all, let’s just be clear: there should be no negative connotations for being either an Overwriter or an Underwriter. These are not criticisms of style, but rather indications of the starting point of your writing process. By the end of your process, a reader should not be able to tell if you are… Continue reading Overwriters -v- Underwriters


Introducing: Turning Ideas Into Words

Hi there! Seems like I while since I have been updating on here. I am aware that posts have been sparse recently. This is mainly due to my own time management, but also due to me working away on my first novel. It is still in its first draft stage, but the more I write… Continue reading Introducing: Turning Ideas Into Words