In a world where blogs are used by organisations and individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in their niche area, it seems rather counter-productive to be admitting I feel inexperienced at something I have been doing for so long.

The Eternity Mirrors Series

The Forgotten Fairground – PRE-SALE GIVEAWAY!

Those who have been following this blog will know that in just over 9 weeks, on 19th April 2022, my debut Sci-Fi Novella, The Forgotten Fairground will be released on Amazon Kindle.

The Eternity Mirrors Series

Coming Soon: The Forgotten Fairground!

Things are gradually getting under way for my debut Sci-Fi Novella to be published on 19th April 2022!

The Eternity Mirrors Series, Turning Ideas Into Words

Why I chose to self-publish

The publishing industry has changed a lot over the last 15 years. When I did my degree (2004-07), self-publishing really wasn’t an option. Editors, cover designers, and marketing experts were all focused primarily on working with publishing companies, rather than directly with authors.

The Eternity Mirrors Series

Big Announcement!

I am taking my first steps into the world of self-publishing and I am so proud to announce that...