The Eternity Mirrors Series

Jacob’s Dream: Book 2 of the Eternity Mirrors Series – Available NOW for Pre-Order

The wait is almost over! Jacob’s Dream: Book 2 of the Eternity Mirrors is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon Kindle, which means it’s only a few short weeks away from Release Day.

Follow the link below to order your copy now!

As a quick reminder to those using the Kindle App on an Android device, Amazon no longer allows you to purchase Kindle books through the Kindle App or their Amazon Store App. Instead, you have to go to Amazon through your device’s web browser and purchase any Kindle Books (including Jacob’s Dream) direct from the web page. It will then allow you to download the book using the Kindle App on the day of release.

About Jacob’s Dream

“Don’t take anything for granted … Question Everything.”

As Nick adjusts to life in the Rift, Jacob is haunted by dreams of his past and the growing sense that all is not as it should be at the Hub.

His suspicions grow as Megan begins to show unsettling symptoms, forcing him to relive memories of a day he would rather forget.

The day that changed everything.

Pre-Sale Giveaway

As with Book 1, I am running a Pre-Sale Giveaway.

Want a taster of what’s to come in Book 2? By entering the Pre-Sale Giveaway for Jacob’s Dream, you will automatically be sent a FREE PDF copy of the Prologue and will be entered into a prize draw, with a chance of winning one of three prize boxes. For full details, click below.

The Prize Box winners will then be drawn at random from the list of everyone who has entered. There are three boxes to be won, and the winners will be announced on the release date of 25th October 2022.

Don’t Forget: Book 1 is still available on Amazon Kindle


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