Turning Ideas Into Words

First Impressions: Protagonists

So, here's what we know about the publishing industry (whether you are interested in traditional publishing or self-publishing): It's incredibly competitive  Writers have about 3 pages to hook a reader Realistically, it's less than 3 pages Did I mention it's INCREDIBLY competitive? I think you get the idea. In the past I have talked about… Continue reading First Impressions: Protagonists

Turning Ideas Into Words

Character Agency

Over the coming weeks, I will be spending some time looking at character types. Before I get into that, let’s think a bit about Character Agency. If you are not familiar with this term, it is essentially the idea that our characters have the ability to make choices (they have agency over their own stories).… Continue reading Character Agency



I am celebrating this week! I have been struggling with one of the characters in my current Work In Progress, but I have finally had a break-through in his development and it has had a massive impact on the direction of my book (not to mention my mood). This guy (and I will get on… Continue reading #CharacterCharades