Turning Ideas Into Words

Character Agency

Over the coming weeks, I will be spending some time looking at character types. Before I get into that, let’s think a bit about Character Agency. If you are not familiar with this term, it is essentially the idea that our characters have the ability to make choices (they have agency over their own stories).… Continue reading Character Agency

Books -v- Film

Book -v- Film: Catching Fire

Book -v- Film: Catching Fire - There is a trend at the moment with book series’ that are turned into films, for the last book to be split in two. It started with Harry Potter, continued with Twilight, and seems to have stalled somewhat for Divergent...

Books -v- Film

Book -v- Film: The Hunger Games

Book -v-v Film: The Hunger Games - The first film in The Hunger Games franchise is one that I saw before reading the books it was base on.