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Hi everyone! I’m back. Whether you’ve missed me or not, it is good to be getting back into the Blogosphere...

Personal Challenge

Challenge Update: One Month To Go…

Previously on… I set myself a challenge in October to complete my novel (the first draft of it at least) by June this year. For the first couple of months, things looked really positive. I was productive and on target for where I wanted the book to be by the end of November. Then… Continue reading Challenge Update: One Month To Go…

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Happy New(ish) Year!

Right. So, January happened. I don’t know about you, but I always find it hard to get going in the New Year. For me, ‘Dry January’ had nothing to do with abstaining from alcohol for 31 days, but is more to do with the fact that at this time of the year, I really struggle… Continue reading Happy New(ish) Year!

Personal Challenge

Challenge Update: 1st Oct to 16th Nov

So, at the start of October, I set myself the challenge of writing 4,200 words a week with the goal of finishing the first draft of my novel by June next year. For more details on the challenge itself, here’s the link to the post that started this madness! I am now seven weeks into… Continue reading Challenge Update: 1st Oct to 16th Nov


That’ll Do For A First Draft

As a writer, I want each word I put down on paper to have meaning and purpose. I want each one of them to make readers feel and think and yearn to read on. As such, there is one particular phrase that makes me cringe: “That’ll do for now.” “No!” I want to say in… Continue reading That’ll Do For A First Draft

Turning Ideas Into Words

The Joy of Writing by Hand

These days, there are many ways to communicate the written word, so the options for writers and how they get their ideas into the real world are pretty much endless. Over the last few years, I have come across people who write direct on to their laptop. By that, I mean they type. Literally writing… Continue reading The Joy of Writing by Hand

Turning Ideas Into Words

Pre-Book Timeline

As you may have been able to work out by now, I am a Planner when it comes to novel writing. That’s not to say I always stick to said plans, but I certainly find it easier to work when I have a clear idea of what I’m doing. This means having a plan in… Continue reading Pre-Book Timeline

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Prologue or Con[logue]

I’ve become aware recently that there is an ongoing debate in the writing community as to the merits (or lack thereof) of using a prologue. Many writers seem to be of the opinion that if a scene warrants being included at the start of a book, then there is no reason for that scene to… Continue reading Prologue or Con[logue]

Personal Challenge

Challenge Accepted!

This week, I have started what I hope will be a nine-month journey from where I am now to completing my first novel. I have had this book knocking around in my head for many a year now and it is high time I finish getting it down on paper. Over the past few months,… Continue reading Challenge Accepted!

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Guest Post – “Dialogue”

Guest Post by Sarah Jayne Tanner When we talk about writing novels, we talk a lot about structure, plot, character and themes, but not so much about writing good dialogue. At university, I studied for a BA English Literature with Creative Writing, and then went on to do an MA in Creative Writing, and I… Continue reading Guest Post – “Dialogue”